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Crepes Vs Pancakes: How are they different?

Wondering what the difference is between crepes and pancakes are, or how they are similar? Crepes and pancakes are a popular breakfast foods, both of which have a variety of fillings and toppings. Let’s look at some ways crepes and pancakes are similar, as well as some differences between the two!

Similarities Between Crepes And Pancakes

Crepes and pancakes are very similar in many ways. First off, they are both made with flour, eggs, and milk. They are also both cooked on a griddle or frying pan. Crepes and pancakes can both be served with sweet or savory fillings and toppings.

Differences Between Crepes And Pancakes

Despite their similarities, crepes and pancakes also have some key differences.

Fillings And Flavor

One of the most important distinctions between crepes and pancakes is that you can fill crepes with sweet or savory ingredients — but only sweet ingredients go in traditional pancakes. Savory crepes are perfect for late night snacks – stuff them with your favorite sandwich fixings and you’ve got yourself a tasty midnight meal!

When it comes to flavor, both crepes and pancakes come in countless varieties of flavors such as pumpkin spice for fall, banana nutella for breakfast dessert lovers, and apple cinnamon for those looking for something different to satisfy their sweet tooth!


In the US, crepes are typically defined as a thin pancake that is cooked with a special pan. Pancakes on the other hand, are usually thicker and more “cake-like” in texture. Crepes can be made from either wheat or rice flour, while pancakes are always made from wheat flour.


And finally when it comes down to cooking time – you might have guessed this already but crepes cook much faster than pancakes do! The average cooking time for a traditional pancake is around 5 minutes, while crepes cook for about 30-60 seconds on each side.

To Sum It All Up

So there you have it – a few key distinctions between crepes and pancakes. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet or savory treat, either of these breakfast staples are sure to satisfy! But don’t forget, pancake batter will work just fine in a crepe pan – so if you find yourself without any crepes on hand, don’t worry, you can still make a delicious pancake!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy crepes or pancakes? Share in the comments below!

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The Best Crepe Fillings You Have To Try

If you’ve never had a sweet crepe with Nutella, whipped cream or strawberries and ice cream, then you definitely haven’t lived! Crepes are fun-to-make, easy to eat treats that can be either sweet or savory. No matter what your taste buds desire, there is an option for everyone in this list of the best crepe fillings.

1. Nutella

Who doesn’t love this delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread? There are so many options when you consider the different recipes that include this wonderful ingredient, but it’s best when combined with bananas and strawberries. It sounds simple to make at home, too!

2. Cream Cheese and Strawberries

This filling is perfect for those who love a little tartness in their life. The cream cheese balances out the sweetness of the strawberries, making it one of the most popular crepe fillings around.

3. Ricotta and Blueberries

For a light and fluffy filling, ricotta cheese is a top choice. Filled with blueberries, this crepe is best served for breakfast or lunch.

4. Peanut Butter and Banana

Sometimes all it takes is some good old-fashioned peanut butter! This favorite spread goes great with bananas not only in sandwiches but also in this delicious crepe filling.

5. Prosciutto Ham and Gruyere Cheese

For a savory and sophisticated crepe filling, prosciutto ham and gruyere cheese is a great option. The salty flavors of the ham pair perfectly with the rich and nutty taste of the cheese, making it a popular choice for those who love to mix sweet and savory flavors.

6. Cherry Tomatoes

Another savory option, this filling is made by sauteing cherry tomatoes in garlic and olive oil. It goes great with any cheese, like mozzarella or feta, which makes it a common choice for dinner crepes.

7. Mushrooms

Italian cooks often use mushrooms in their recipes, whether it’s pasta or risotto. This crepe filling is inspired by those flavors, with garlic, olive oil and fresh mushrooms adding a delicious depth of flavor.

8. Chicken and Asparagus

This filling is perfect for those who are looking for a healthy and light option. Sauteed chicken and asparagus make a great pair, and the flavors are easy to customize with different seasonings.

9. Apple and Cinnamon

For a sweet and comforting filling, try apples and cinnamon. The spices give the crepes a warm and cozy feeling, perfect for a winter breakfast or dessert.

10. Chocolate and Strawberries

The classic combination of chocolate and strawberries is always a hit. When cooked into a crepe, the flavors are even stronger! This is an indulgent way to start your day.